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    Sturdy Cell Block Cell Phone Jail with Lock and Keys,Smartphone Stand Holders Classroom Home Table Office Storage Gadget -Family Time, Party Fun Novelty Gift Idea

    Sturdy Cell Block Cell Phone Jail with Lock and Keys,Smartphone Stand Holders Classroom Home Table Office Storage Gadget -Family Time, Party Fun Novelty Gift Idea

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    Brand: SANIDIKA

    Color: Grey


    • The perfect gift for that phone addict in your life - Your friend, child or partner will be sure to laugh at this novelty gift item. Also can be used to keep other small things locked up where you lack self control!
    • Use as a fun way of controlling your child's access to their mobile phone - With room for up to 6 phones, the Jail Cell Lock Up can be used as a fun way of limiting access to your child's phone. Want to lock up their phone until chores or homework are done? No problem!
    • Do you lack self control with your phone? Let the Phone Jail Cell Help you out! - Or are you trying to get something important done, but keep getting distracted? Just lock your phone up and hand your key to a loved one or friend, telling them not to let you have the key until the task is finished!
    • Secure tamper proof design - Specially designed to ensure that phones cannot be taken out while locked, and with a secure locking mechanism, no one will be getting into the Jail Cell Lock Up without you knowing.
    • Easy Assembly and Sturdy, At 16 x 13 x 19 cm this is more than big enough for even large phones.A nice classroom cell phone jail holders.

    model number: Fit all mobile phones

    Details: Easy To Put Together and Sturdy Brick Wall Design Phone Jail-- Is mobile phone use cutting into your family time and bringing silence to the dinner table? It’s criminal when electronics stop human interaction, so, to give those pesky phones what they deserve, lock them up in this phone jail. Designed to look just like a prison cell, although probably a little comfier, this phone jail has bars and a padlock. It also has a slotted bottom so that the phones can stand up neatly behind the bars, seeking there freedom. Replace annoying screen tapping with talking during family time and reconnect with the real world, these days every home needs a phone jail. Features: Plastic constructed phone jail Includes padlock & 2 keys Keep devices secure & safe in jail 6 Grooves allow you to lock up multiple phones Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 19cm (approx) This western style mobile phone jail cell lock up is the perfect novelty gift for that one person in your life who is addicted to their phone! The novel gift idea is brilliant to teach your children how vital time away from their electronic devices is. When there are chores or homework to do simply place the phone in the jail cell until you're satisfied that everything has been undertaken to the highest standards. Not only is this a great device for children but it's also great for adults too. We all know someone who spends far too much time on their phone in the office or at home so now simply teach them a lesson and lock away their phone until a designated time predetermined by you! No more interruptions, just put the devices inside and lock the door Can hold up to 6 mobile phones Ensure you follow assembly instructions provided

    EAN: 0791715926630

    Package Dimensions: 7.4 x 6.8 x 2.3 inches

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