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    Luxury Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

    Luxury Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

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    Luxury Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair


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    Luxury Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair - Home Electronics



    Reproduce Natural Aesthetics

    The fan-shaped design releases a larger seat width with less space and makes it easy to use in a gentle manner.

    Let Your Hands Free as a Folding Armrest Structure

    45° ergonomics enhances hand comfort.

    Shadow is Warm every Moment

    The immersive rounded atmosphere light slowly warms the scent, and the LED energy-saving lamp is soft and light.

    Read Your Body and Mind

    The smart body side, through the robot sensor, motion detection.

    Small and Livable Beauty

    Massage chair with one button sliding forward to save 1 square meter, backrest space is only 15cm placed against the wall.

    Like a Cradle in the Forest

    The simulated space capsule has no gravity design, and the body is tilted until the legs are higher than the heart, so that the body is completely relaxed to obtain a better massage experience and improve sleep quality.

    Longer and Stronger

    130cm fits SL track, massage stroke from head to thigh, bearing up to 200KG.

    Four Wheel Smart Robot

    6CM diameter rolling arc is even, 4D induction follows the change of body parts, high elasticity silicone material comfort is painless.

    Eleven Functions

    One Deep decompression Two Smart sleep Three Thai stretching Four Relaxation Five Shoulder neck conditioning Six Back stretch Seven Waist and hip care Eight Old age Nine Men's health Ten Lady beauty treatment Eleven Rocking chair

    Shoulder Clip Airbag

    Squeeze the shoulder and the boom from the outside to the inside.

    Arm Palm

    Release the hand around the back.

    Calf Airbag

    Inflammation of the calf is stimulated by shallow and deep pressure

    Leg Airbag

    Wrap the pressure and let the feet feel full of embracing.

    6 Major Massage Techniques

    One Strong acupressure Two Gentle massage Three Fine kneading Four Rhythm tapping Five Fine kneading Six Comfortable beat

    12cm Leg Machine Telescopic

    The calf is squeezed in sections to suit your sitting position and is also suitable for your family.

    Reinforced Tight Double Stitching

    The needle is a deep endowment, the line is a gentle reciting, and each other weaves the romance and poetry of life.

    Skin-friendly PU Leather

    Wear-resisting, durable, no worries, soft touch, and leather toughness are all for your attention.

    55 Decibel Squelch Sleep

    Enjoy a massage time with a miniature low-noise air pump.

    Dual Surround Bluetooth Speaker

    360° surround speaker, the following icons are connected to smart devices.

    Luxury Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair - Home Electronics

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